We manage finance with a difference.

Proximo acts as true partners in your growth, with deep involvement in your entire financial process.

Growing companies need financial professionals who understand their business environment and who can provide essential strategic financial guidance. At Proximo, we are experienced in working with small to mid-sized companies at all stages of the development process. We offer a wide range of finance support options.

Satisfied clients

Among our clients

Optimal Business Models

“Proximo have the ability to accelerate businesses by coming up with optimal business models according to their line of activity. As a CEO, I can testify that it’s important to find bright people who could help you create the business strategy and execute it seamlessly. Proximo can make the difference for businesses of different sizes and at different stages in their lifecycle.”

Ran Tzahar


Positive, Innovative and Can-Do Approach

“The team’s excellent people skills and communication abilities enable them to deal effectively with our employees and investors alike. Their composure and control under pressure is very reassuring. They bring a positive, innovative and can-do approach to any challenge – “impossible” doesn’t appear to be part of their vocabulary!”

Orit Hashay

Founder & CEO, Brayola

Highest Service!

“Proximo reflects Yafit’s personality. Proximo provides the highest service levels because Yafit doesn’t “stick to the procedures”. She tries to understand her customer, their needs and only then tailors the right service packages. That’s why Proximo can grow with their customers even if it means developing or adapting themselves. Since Yafit has excellent interpersonal relationships, her customers really love her and want to continue working with Proximo as much as possible. Proximo have a lot of experience with a variety of companies in terms of financing, financial management and working with different consultants, founders and investors”.

Itay Itzhaky

Founder Chairman of the Datum Group


A little about us

We partner with our clients to guide them through their most difficult challenges: developing a business plan, building an organization, conserving cash, financing growth, and implementing infrastructure.

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